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For years, home laser tag has been the same. It comes in different shapes and sizes… which usually includes a basic blaster with a few sounds, and a small wired vest. While the box looks good and the blasters are colorful, the experience as a whole is never what it could be. Here are 5 reasons why the Evolver is the best home laser tag system you can buy.


The Evolver introduces something brand new to home laser tag…Swappable Skins! You can collect and build a variety of new skins to add to the game. For smaller players, the lightweight cardboard makes even the largest skins easy to handle. Their double-walled construction is quite durable with excellent compression strength. The skins are fun and easy to assemble with their peel-and-stick design. With 6 skins currently available and many more to come you can transform your Evolver into new gun types with different range, sounds, and abilities. This helps you choose a strategy based on what you see. For example the shotgun, its spread attack makes you effective up close. Swapping to the sniper lets you keep your distance while taking down other players. These swappable skins open up new game possibilities while protecting your system  in ways other toys don’t offer.


The Evolver does a great job at bringing video games to life. It includes classic game modes like Free for All and Team Battle, and the all new exclusive, …Battle Royale! Think of it like playing Fortnite in your backyard.

“Think of it like playing Fortnite in your backyard.”

Not only can you play the included laser tag games, you can also combine the Evolver’s game settings with specific swappable skins to come up with your very own games. Team Snipers anyone?

swappable laser tag skins

Don’t you think it’s time to ditch those pesky cables? I do. Our wireless headset gives you hit detection from every direction and networking capabilities that wired vests fail to deliver. Adding the headset to your Evolver lets you sync up to 16 players across your neighborhood so you can play anywhere with live scoring… and no phones required. As a bonus, you can set up and start games with a pull of the trigger by using the admin mode. This makes it much easier running games with smaller trigger happy children.

evolver wireless headset

For a better home laser tag experience it starts with design, and the evolver delivers when compared to other units. We’re talking quick swap battery packs, precision optics, it’s packed with high quality sound effects and voice cues. It has the ability to play indoors and outdoors…day or night. The range in full sunlight(worst conditions) is almost a football field. Once you get the Evolver in your hands you will see, hear, and know the difference. Our plan for future skins and accessories mean you’ll be playing with these things for a long time.


Swaptx is not just some behemoth toy company taking a whack at this. Laser tag is our specialty, we think about it every day. Our team has been innovating laser tag for over 10 years. You may not know this but our equipment powers many of the largest laser tag attractions around the world…you may have played at one. So know this, we love laser tag…and when you play with the Evolver, you will quickly see why its better than other home laser tag options.

swaptx laser tag team

After 30 years of playing, and now designing laser tag for 10 years, I have never seen a home laser tag system quite like the Evolver. While the price is a bit higher than other home units it provides much greater value for players from a hardware and gameplay perspective…not to mention its overall ease of use. With the uniqueness of the skins, new game modes, wireless sensors that add live scoring and admin control, and just a better overall experience means you will be playing laser tag with your friends and family for years to come.

In the end you may think my opinion is a bit bias… you are right! However… it doesn’t change the truth about Swaptx. The Evolver really is the best home laser tag system you can buy and is even more feature rich than some commercial systems. If you are looking to get your hands on an Evolver home laser tag bundle you can shop here.

evolver laser tag gameplay

Aaron is the CEO of Battle Company(America's #1 supplier of commercial laser tag) and the creator of the Swaptx toy brand. He has been manufacturing hardware and software for family entertainment for 10 years.

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  • Robinson says:

    I’m happy with my purchase of a set of 4. I can’t wait for them to arrive! How fun that they are adding news for those of us who follow them in this great project. Greetings and much success!